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BFAR 11 Bulletin for May 8, 2020

In today’s highlight: BFAR 11 Kadiwa on Wheels ni Ani at Kita @ Bfar 11 compound (

As of 10am today, a total of 1,043 food passes and 2,436 local transport permits for essential goods have been issued by BFAR 11 in regional office, Davao City airport and City/Provincial Fishery Offices.

To support the “Palaisdaan ni Chief”, a low-cost aquaculture project initiated by the Asuncion Municipal Police Station, Davao del Norte, BFAR 11 PFO Davao del Norte provided 500 tilapia fingerlings and 300 hito fingerlings.

Moreover, a total of 50,000 pieces tilapia fingerlings were dispersed to Calinan and Baguio District today by the BFAR 11 City Fishery Office. Similarly, 21,000 pieces of tilapia fingerlings were dispersed in LGU-Laak Davao de Oro through the BFAR 11 PFO Davao de Oro.