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BFAR XI at Bankerohan Public Market, Davao City: Assessing fish supply and ensuring the observance of quarantine guidelines & protocols by the consumers.

Davao City was placed into an Enhanced Community Quarantine (ECQ) status by virtue of Executive Order No. 23 and extended by Executive Order No.24 series of 2020 otherwise known as “An Order Providing of the Guidelines of an Enhanced Community Quarantine” & “An Oder Providing for the Extension of the Enhanced Community Quarantine", respectively. This is to mitigate and suppress CoVID-19 infection in Davao City.

The Office of City Veterinarian headed by Section Chief Monaliza B. Roxas; City Fishery Office (CFO) thru CFO Jose A. Longno Jr., in coordination with Fisheries Resources Protection Group (FRPG) headed by Section Chief Marvie Padasay thru Fisheries Management, Regulatory & Enforcement Division (FMRED) Chief Evelyn F. Basco, by the authority of BFAR XI Regional Director Fatma M. Idris, CESO V, conducted joint Market Monitoring Activity aiming to assist the local government of Davao in observance of ECQ protocol in the market, monitor fish supply in the City and ensure the observance of price freeze in basic fishery commodities, conduct IEC on the observance of social distancing by the vendor & consumer to impede the spread of the virus, prompting the vendors on observance of price tag for ease of price tracking & provision of information to facilitate sound choice and the proper exercise of rights by the consumer as mandated by the RA7398 also known as the Consumer ACT, and conduct of Market Denial for illegally caught fish to promote the campaign against all forms of illegal fishing (sanctioned by Prohibition & Penalties by the RA 10654 also known as the Philippine Fisheries Code of 1998) activities in the waters of the region.

The team started monitoring in the market at 1100H, on 2 21 Apr 2020 covering fish stalls of Bankerohan Public Market. Fisheries sector on the act of fish selling and those who are purchasing fisheries product were informed on the guidelines on social distancing & the use of face mask & sanitation; in unity with the existing rules to aid the local government in the execution of the protocol of ECQ especially during the conduct of fisheries activity. The team also conducted campaign promoting the use of price tag to ensure information transparency among consumers by the fish vendor. Price was also noted to ensure the stable price among fishery products ensuring it will be affordable & readily available in the market. The team also conducted market denial activity to ensure the absence of CITES listed species in order to conserve the rare, threatened & endangered fishery species (FAO 208 series of 2001) & the hazard affiliated to the illegally caught fish. The team ensures the local force in the market on lending its support in monitoring & assessment of fish commodities & fishery products in the market.